January 12, 2008

More power to the API.

Etsy have been receiving quite some media attention lately, and when you turn to the Storque, you'll see some new columns that focus specifically on the people behind Etsy. In addition, a series is launching where more light is being shed on the business behind the business, i.e., All About Etsy FAQs. Let's not forget the Etsy survey #2.
In regards to building the community, things are getting more active over at Etsy, and I see a lot of effort being made to pull people into turning to the Storque for information and help, instead of just occasional news.

In the meantime, while users are waiting for often-requested features (which either haven't turned up or on which doability or dev progress the management refuses to comment), other people are making the best of Etsy's API snippets. Etsytools, for example, are already using it successfully. A new version has been launched recently, built by merely one person alone (talking about resources) in comparatively short time (talking about man hours).
Now, another useful and much requested tool to measure Etsy success has been launched (hat tip to the busy editors at UEN), and it has been named Heart-o-Matic.

A great positive thing about the Heart-o-Matic built by Etsy user juln, who describes himself as "avid computer hobbyist", is that it does well without the typical Etsy flash bling, and instead focuses on delivering pieces of stats and info in a format that a broad range of users can handle, and all in a timely manner.
Flash issues have been a major problem for users, either because of outdated plugins or slow machines on their side, but unfortunately, all tools to measure Etsy fame are based on flash. Admittedly, flash is what distinguishes Etsy from most other sites in this market, but it also is what gives many Etsy users stomach aches. All info that is retrievable via the Heart-o-Matic respects users' privacy; anonymous hearters, for example, stay anonymous, likewise for users who chose to make their favourite shops and items non-public. Do read the entire exclusive interview with juln over at UEN, then go and test the Heart-o-Matic . If you are even slightly familiar with current things at Etsy, you will find the interview very informative. Just saying.

N.b.: at the end of 2006, Etsy's management boldly announced that they planned to release a public Etsy API in order to allow others to build apps and snippets on top of Etsy. There has not been an official release yet, but enough has always been public to make stuff out of it. It would be dumb if the management missed out on such a great marketing opportunity. Gotta eat the pie while it's still fresh.

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