March 3, 2008

Not the same.

Oh, I am surely the one-millionth-and-third person to comment on this, but I simply had to.

Adrian Monck (that's the gentleman you're seeing first in Scoble's video, before Matthias Luefkens takes over) is a smart British professor at the City University in London.

(Ah well. The clip still plays on youtube. And it's worth it. Someone has just disabled the embedding feature...)

Adrian Monk is a brilliant San Francisco homicide detective put on leave for his slightly uncontrollable fits of OCD.

Oh, and the first Adrian is real, the latter is fiction. The first writes a blog and has published books which I'd like to recommend, the latter's online presence is sponsored marketed by usa networks, and his aventures are actually for sale on DVD.

I could be wrong now..... but I don't think so!

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