March 11, 2008

Thoughts to self...

I am not sure whether I am willing to continue using web services that display pr0n banner ads. There's a paid advertising banner here on Vox for a service that hooks men up with East European twens, and I just saw a disgustingly hardc*re one over at Technorati, while checking my stats.

I guess I might really transfer blogging from Vox to another place. And abandon Technorati for a service that doesn't depend on disgusting banner ads.

You'd think there were enough serious businesses investing in banner advertising....

Update, March 12:
I didn't check into Turi2's blog yesterday, but apparently I am not the only one who raises a brow over a recent influx of pr0n banner ads on otherwise "civil" websites. We're not talking "prude" here, people, we're talking unethical, amoral tendencies that all too often discriminate the female gender. Simple as that.

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